The Global Implementation Society (GIS) develops implementation as a professional discipline to improve the practice and research of the discipline and the standards of education in the subject.

Implementation activities are growing and there are more position-titles, and more funding, research and education which are including implementation as a critical component. The quality of activities carried out under the name of “implementation” varies considerably. Unskilled implementation can cause harm as well as waste resources. The GIS seeks to develop implementation practice and research as a professional discipline and to promote the knowledge, skills, and service values of implementation to improve services and peoples’ lives.


The GIS supports the development of standards for membership, ethical conduct, and social responsibility.  The GIS supports the development of certification and accreditation programs and college and university courses and degrees to promote improved implementation activities, research, and outcomes. The GIS fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and contributes to the development and dissemination of best practices in implementation and relevant but rigorous research using a range of methods.